Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Van Diemen's World Devils: Female Infantry Build Complete

Hi folks,

Today I have finished the female soldier conversions for Wade's Van Diemen's World Devils infantry squad. With ANZAC day looming on the 25th of April, it doesn't leave me with a whole lot of time to paint them, but I will give it a red-hot go.

These have been the most frustrating models to assemble. For some reason, whatever super-gluing I did yesterday just counted for nothing today. The glue was fine; well, it affixed my fingers to each other adequately enough. The resin was clean, I scrubbed the sprues with a toothbrush and detergent before I commenced the project. It wasn't that humid either, which can sometimes cause issues. The stuff just did not want to stick.

I have been trying to pose these models as naturally as possible, which I put a lot of careful thought into, so having to repeat poses two or three times has killed me. GAH!

Lieutenant: "That's not a knife..." 

The Lieutenant is supplied with a chainsword, but the teeth were miscast quite badly. I filed it down so that it can be used as a machete/powersword.


I don't think Wade likes using grenade launchers very much, so I am cooking up some special issue ammunition rules for him to try. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Colour scheme-wise I am going to try for this kind of look:

Parade Marshal Lt. Col. Norman Wright . Picture: Jake Nowakowski Source: Herald Sun

I visited the folks at my friendly local Hobbico and they have suggested some paints for me to use. Apparently quite a few locals have been doing ANZAC themed projects, so the staff are becoming experts on the colour side of things. Sometime over the next two weeks we should know exactly how accurate their suggestions were.

See you across the table,