Saturday, 23 May 2015

Iron Snakes: Ancient Nestor Progress

Hi folks,

I have had a little bit of time to tinker with my Contemptor Dreadnought the past couple of days, focusing on the sarcophagus/torso and head assembly. As with the Iron Snakes special characters I have been working on, the added detail makes for difficult decisions when it comes to limiting the pallet.

One of the things I noticed when I was painting it was that the head blended in too well with the back of the head assembly, it was camouflaged by the lack of contrast in the metallics. To overcome this I repeated the glow effect from the waist grill behind the helmet. I liked the idea that the whole dreadnought could be energised to the point that a glow emanates from the interior. As I use this blue glow for the plasma cannon as well, I knew it wouldn't stretch the pallet too far.

My first instinct was to paint the scroll work in an off-white colour, like the purity seals, but it made the whole torso look too busy. Considering there are whopping great big purity seals right next to the sarcophagus, I decided to redo the scroll work in bronze and verdigris. 

The lamps and the plume where both painted in shades of grey to match the Sternguard that I have already painted.

I'll probably do the plasma cannon arm next; I am a bit nervous about how all of the spot colours are going to come together, so the sooner I banish that feeling the better it will be.

I am heading into a fairly harrowing time at work; assessment, marking and reporting 80% of my students with a three week turn-around. I'm hoping to get some neat stuff done to keep me sane during this time but I apologise in advance if the blog is a little bare for a while.

See you across the table,