Monday, 7 September 2015

Jade Falcon Medium Star - TO DONE!

Hi folks,

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a new Star of Jade Falcon Omnimechs. Looking at them now, it is really hitting home how far I have come in my Battletech journey. I started playing over 20 years ago with very little in the way of gaming equipment. We had a second-hand rulebook, two mapsheets and a handful of folded cardboard Mechs between us. That was all we needed for a long time.

We would frequently use d8's to represent Mechs, or figures from other gaming systems. I still have an Executioner record sheet that is annotated as 'Grey Ogre', because it was literally represented by a grey ogre model at some stage. We tried to order some miniatures through Ral Partha, but after spending 12 months on backorder we cashed them in for something else. It was only recently that I thought about ordering some miniatures in, and... well... here we are.

The Mechs that I have painted here are all personal favourites of mine, for one reason or another. They are painted in a metallic camo scheme (sepia and green glaze over Leadbelchers). The laser lenses are all painted in the colours used in the old MechWarrior games, and the bases are a homage to my favourite mapsheet set: Desert Mountains/Sinkholes.

Kit Fox (Alt. Config. B)

I have a real soft spot for Kit Foxes. For a light Mech they are pretty slow but they can pack a mean punch. The Alt. Config. B mounts an Ultra AC 10, which used to be hilarious in the MechWarrior PC game. I would take one as a Starmate, watch him scamper off into the distance and then you would hear "BRAKKA-BRAKKA-BRAKKA!"... you go for it little buddy :-)

Adder (Primary Config.)

Two head-capping particle projector cannons and a targeting computer on a 35 ton Mech: brilliant!

Viper (Primary Config.)

Viper's are ridiculously agile Mechs, which makes them great for transporting Elementals around. I was very tempted to make the Config. with 5 ER medium lasers, but I use the jump jets frequently and the pulse lasers of the Primary Config. help mitigate the 3+ movement modifier.

Nova (Alt. Config. A)

I can remember reading about Diana Pryde winning her Bloodname in one of these. I really enjoy using this Mech to transport Elementals around; it has pretty good armour, good movement and a  pair of head-capping PPCs. I like this Config. much better than the Primary, which struggles with damage output due to heat management issues. This guy: 15 to the 12 all the way baby.

Hellbringer (Custom Config.)

Based on the Alt. Config. C, I modify the load-out slightly to include an LB-20X AC (12 ton shotgun anyone?), Streak SRM 6 (MOAR holes in your internals), two medium pulse lasers and an ER Large Laser. This Mech is a close range brawler, and my MVP in Alpha Strike.

So that brings my Jade Falcon force up to Binary level, when added to the Heavy Star I painted previously. It is also the first project I have completed on my 2015/16 To-Do list!

See you across the table,