Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hi folks,

The picture above shows the sorry state of my Man-Cave. It is driving me mad.

Lovingly known as "The Bunker" for many years, it has slowly turned into the dumping ground of choice for anything we don't want to look at. Every school holiday I tidy it up so that it is useable, but recently we have been building an extension to our house and it has not been possible.

In fact, the floor is now carpeted with so many power tools I could start my own hardware store. The extension is looking great but, in addition to the mess it has made of my personal space, it is chewing up my painting time. I could spend an hour highlighting one Ravenwing marine, or I could paint the ceiling... you get the picture.

Having said that, I have not been completely idle. Whilst not a particularly interesting update, I have finished off three more Ravenwing marines, at the expense of sleep ;-)

I still have to finish off there bikes and prepare some arms for them. Two of the marines will be armed with meltaguns, so at some point I am going to have to dive into the garage and sift through the detritus for them.

Originally I was going to arm them with grav guns, because that is what all the cool kids are doing, but I already have tons of anti-MEQ on hand. Plasma guns also seem a bad choice as the Black Knights do it so much better. I figure if I arm them with meltaguns, the sergeant with a combi-melta and thunderhammer, a multimelta attack bike and multimelta landspeeder, at least one of those hits is going to do something that all of my plasma cannons can't.

Anyway, time to go and sand another wall...

See you across the table,