Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dreadtober Part 2

Hi folks,

In case you missed it (...and I very nearly did...) last month was Dreadtober! I found out about it with three days to go and immediately started work on a Dark Angels Dreadnought. A unit of three Dreadnoughts is on my To-Do list this year, so it seemed like a good time to get the ball rolling. I spent an hour of frenzied cutting, filing, gluing and green-stuffing to get him to the stage where I was ready to paint. Here is a link to the WIP article if you are interested.

Then things got a little crazy at work and with the kids... and with the bones in one of my toes...

Anyway, I didn't stay on top of posting my progress, so I figured I would show everyone the finished product. I am planning on working on the base when I do the other three Dreads, but for now the paint job is done.

I have converted the missile launcher into an assault cannon. I figured the assault cannon and magazine would be easier to move over than the equivalent pieces on the twin-linked autocannon.

The twin-linked autocannon is an old one from Forgeworld that I have had lying around for a very long time. I actually ordered an older mark of autocannon but Forgeworld sent me the wrong one. I converted it with Ork ammo belts to make it look more like the one that I wanted, but the barrels are a lot longer. I may still shorten the barrels a bit; I still can't decide :-/

The banner is another old one that I have touched up a bit and re-framed. Again, I may knock up another one in the long term but for now it is a good place holder. I like the double meaning behind the picture. In one way it reflects the nature of the Dreadnought itself; a son of the Lion was brought low but has risen again as an Angel of Death. It also marks this Dreadnought as a keeper of a grim/dark secret; the Lion was betrayed and the Dreadnought stands guard over all He once stood for.

Or something ;-)

Once all three of Dreadnoughts have been finished and based properly I'll give myself a green stamp, until then, I am content to say that I gave Dreadtober my best shot: all eight barrels worth! If it runs again next year I'll be starting early.

See you across the table,