Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hobby Bingo: Biovores TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

I added the finishing touches to this brood of biovores tonight, which will be added to my growing Hive Fleet of metallic Tyranids. The paint scheme is specifically formulated to reduce painting time; it all but eliminates the need for brush control. Before you judge me too harshly on that, it is my only army/scheme in any gaming system that I speed paint. Basically, it is the equivalent of a weekend at a B&B for me! Later on I will paint some spore mines as well, I know I have 20 or so of them floating around somewhere...

I have been desperate to make any kind of progress at all the past couple of weeks. Work has been a bit sad this year, as one of the students I have all the time in the world for was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. I can't express the amount of energy and thought that has gone into doing our best for him and the other students. Hell, sometimes just fronting the classes has been tough. Trying to be creative when I get home has been too difficult, so not much is getting done. I am planning on really getting stuck into my Dark Angels over the Easter long weekend and hopefully getting my Ravenwing squadron finished, just to banish that feeling of uselessness.

I did manage to build up the courage to re-pose my long suffering Mawloc. It is one of my favourite models, but originally I assembled it in a contorted pose with longer claws that looked very awkward. A bit like a dead huntsman spider, for those of you who know what I am talking about. So I snapped the larger arms off (some more cleanly than others) and added shorter arms which were then painted. Here are some shots of the finished Mawloc; if you want to see the original it will still be on my Hive Fleet Numereji page for a while, until I replace the old photo.

Now, if only I could get the blighter to stick a landing and kill something...

I'll leave you with a Hobby Bingo update:

See you across the table,


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