Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tyranids: Spawn of Cryptus TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

It was my Birthday yesterday (YAY!) and to celebrate I bought myself one of these critters. The Spawn of Cryptus is a fantastic model. I very nearly bought the Deathstorm set just to get hold of one, but I never got around to it. The pose manages to convey a lot of things all in one go: creepiness, alien intelligence, agility, strength and brutality. The budding capillary tower on the base is also nice touch.

I have painted the Spawn of Cryptus in the same metallic scheme as the rest of my Hive Fleet, with the help of some Leadbelchers spray I finally picked up at my local GW. The blood effects were all done with Tamiya Clear Red and Nuln Oil. Next time, I think I will use sepia instead of the black wash.


I had an idea that the Broodlord could be feeding the growing capillary tower with vital fluids, which he is psychically channeling into it. Of course to do that, he had to taste it first...

Where the Broodlord is attached to the Capillary Tower, I used a small pin to add a bit more support while the polystyrene glue dried. It is wonderfully balanced on its perch, though.

Hurray for quick paint jobs! This guy clocked in at just over three hours, mainly due to drying times between Clear Red and other washes. Thankfully, the sculptor spent far more time than this producing an exceptional model.

See you across the table,


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