Monday, 30 October 2017

Ghost Bears: Kodiak Progress

Hi folks,

It's a bit shameful to admit, but this model has been standing unfinished on my shelf for over 3 years now. In fact, the conversion of this guy was my second post on this blog! It wouldn't be so bad if he was one of mine, but I actually got it for KuriboGoomba as part of a 5 Mech Ghost Bear Star. After painting a test miniature, though, I lost my nerve a bit and never picked them up again. Well, nerves be damned, I'm back stravags!

The Kodiak assault Mech is 100 tons of pure aggression. It is designed to tear strips off anything at close or medium range, with its Ultra AC 20 cannon, twin Streak SRM 6 launchers and 8 (8!!!) ER Medium Lasers. They were one of the main challenges; painting those 8 tiny little green lenses.

The other big challenge is the black outlining of the cracked ice motif, particularly over uneven surface (i.e. all of them!). Let's just say I'm looking forward to never having to do it again.

For a simple size comparison, I put the Kodiak next to the Shadow Hawk IIC I had painted earlier:


Two down now, three to go. Next will be a Stone Rhino...

See you across the table,


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