Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Knight's Tale: Body and Head

Hi folks,

Thank goodness for summer holidays! The past couple of days have been damn hot in Sydney; back-to-back 41 degree days. As a result, my drying retardant medium has been getting a work out. In between working on The Trooper's Grey Knights and making dastardly Dark Angels plans, I have been pottering away at my Imperial Knight Warden. To get my head back in the game, I painted the helmet and chest piece. One of the (kind) criticisms of the original "test head" was the lack of weathering/battle damage, so I made this one a little more battle scarred, with some extra oxidation on the bronze and some ferrous oxide in other places.

I painted the chest piece to continue the colouration of the helmet and extend it through to the rest of the body. I am not sure how I would paint a name on there, given my choice of colour. I am happy to leave it blank at them moment.

I then spent a bit of time working on the back and side detail of the knight with sepia and ogryn flesh glazes. I was looking for a warm, oily, appearance to contrast with the cool blue of the carapace armour.

I added a nice set of green eye lenses to the head, even though it is one of those details that people will never really see. At least I (and now you!) know they are there.

Here are some picks of the side and neck details with a helmet test-fit.

Early this morning I finished the armoured cowl, allowing me to assemble the head properly. Here is how it is all looking at the moment.

The next job will be the plasma blaster to the left of the torso and the shield on the right. I am going to try and paint a Medusa on the shield, which I am a bit nervous about. Wish me luck ;-)

See you across the table,


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