Wednesday, 13 November 2019

BattleTech: Black Widow Part 2

Hi folks,

After adding the red stripes to the Warhammer using green painter's tape as a guide, I went around adding some little details and battle damage. the searchlight was a major piece of detail and a major pain in the backside. Because it is recessed, large and curved, I couldn't do the whole length in a single brushstroke, I had to use one running forwards and one back holding the figure in two different positions. That made blending a nice glass effect really hard. I must have repainted it over ten times, but eventually you just have to let that kind of thing go. I'll do better next time!

The hourglass black widow markings on the centre torso were again marked out with triangles of painter's tape.

The Wolf's Dragoons symbol and spider on the leg were printed transparencies that I glued in place with varnish and then painted over very carefully. The spider looked particularly flat, so I messed it up a bit with some weathering.

To finish it up, I added some colour to the medium and small lasers (green and red), as well as some blue and purple for the PPC's.

To give the project some context I found a rad 80's picture of Natasha Kerensky and some info about the Warhammer BattleMech, and put together a little framed display to go with the figure.

Here is how it all looks on display!


See you across the table,



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