Saturday, 7 November 2020

9th Edition Dark Angels: Phobos Ezekiel TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

Backing up after DreadTober I knew I had a pretty sharp deadline. Today was the final day of submissions for a psyker/priest/wizard themed painting competition at my local GW. I have been entering these local comps pretty frequently to help support the community, store and also give myself some motivation. Well, having narrowly completed by Imperial Knight last month, I can tell you there wasn't much in the tank.

But it is not in me to withdraw, sooo...

To kick off the project I sculpted a bionic eye out of green stuff. It didn't have to be perfect as it is in Ezekiel's background that the bionic eye is crude; he refuses to update it in honour of his dead comrades (I nearly said Fallen comrades just then, and that just wouldn't do. I salvaged an old Veteran DA backpack with candles (because that is the most sensible thing to help you read a 10 000 year old chapter relic book). I also converted a new right arm to hold a sword from the Ravenwing Knights sprue and found a large plastic book to represent the Book of Salvation. Conversions complete, I then painted him over about 5 hours. I am really happy with the finished product, particularly the close resemblance to Ezekiel. The name on the shoulder-pad scroll work will have to be re-done, I think. I made the mistake of painting the K in the centre first. Whilst this was logical at the time, it didn't take into consideration the extra space two E's and a Z take up on one side! I am still happy I gave it a red-hot go though, as I have never written anything so small before.

Even though I have done this conversion, I am still hanging out for GW to produce a modern version of Ezekiel, my favourite Dark Angels character. I will definitely buy it when it is released and use this as a Phobos Librarian, who I have already jokingly named "Incognekiel". 

In terms of the competition, I don't think I have much chance of winning. But considering the point was to try some things that you have never done, and that I have had this conversion on my mind since the Phobos Librarian figure was released, I feel really happy about my entry. It will be a treasured piece in my 9th Edition "Last of the Plains People" army.

See you across the table,



  1. As elegant a conversion as I’d expect from you sir - well done!

  2. A very cool conversion once again! But I especially like the fuller of the blade - the red contrasts great with the blue blade.

    1. Thanks, that is a wonderful compliment :-) I was stewing over how to the the sword for hours, but with the deadline looming I just went for it. I'm very happy with how it turned out!

  3. Great Ezekiel conversion! I love the idea of basing him on the Phobos Librarian. Fine paint work as always. Good luck with the competition. You've already won by this achievement, though.