Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dark Angels 3rd Company: Command Squad

Hi folks,
I finally finished my 3rd Company Command Squad tonight, which is my first completed Dark Angel squad in a very long time. I think the last thing I finished was my Deathwing Dreadnought with lightning claws (which you can find on my Deathwing page), close to three years ago. The finishing touches were three Dark Angel decals on the Standard Bearer, Apothecary and boltgun marine. I have a love/hate relationship with decals. They are great because they are so sharp, but goodness I hate trying to get them on shoulder pads. I really need to invest in some more solvents and setting media.
The Apothecary got a freehand symbol with some stylised wings. This was actually a happy mistake, as I managed to put on the wrong shoulder pad when I was constructing him. I have a proper shoulder pad with the symbol included in my bits box, which I will now use on a Ravenwing Apothecary. I also added some detail to the narthecium. You can see some awesome narthecium jobs around the place; this probably isn’t one of them! It is good enough for me, though, at least for now.
So here’s a pic with how my Command Squad usually rolls, six deep in a Razorback usually hull-down behind a Land Raider Crusader. The guy at the back is my Master of the 3rd Company, who I am sure is thankful for the new meat shield. Then again, they are worth more than him

See you across the table,