Thursday, 28 August 2014

The 2014/15 Hobby Season

With just three days of winter left, it is time to think about spring cleaning: hobby-style. Dave Weston over at Confessions of a 40K Addict starts his new hobby season on the 28th of August each year and has invited other 40K bloggers to join in. If you check out his blog you will see that he is a prolific gamer, modeller and painter of Dark Angels and Tyranids: a man after my own heart.
The deal is this. We all write a list of to-do projects and every time we finish something off, we get to add one of these to our post:

So, here is my list for the 2014/15 Hobby Season:

Some of the projects have been sitting on the shelf for a while unfinished, whilst others are still bare metal or plastic on sprues. First on the list are the Iron Snake Sternguard I have been talking about, which I should have a test miniature for in the next couple of days.
Last but [sigh] not least, my garage, once lovingly called “the bunker”, is utterly trashed. Two kids in three years and impending house renovations will do that to any empty space I guess, even if that “empty” space happens to contain every article of gaming I own. I’ll have to do something about that mess…
See you across the table,