Saturday, 6 September 2014

Iron Snakes: Sergeant Progress

Hi folks,
Here is a short update on my Iron Snakes Sternguard project. For the past couple of session I have been working on the torsos and helmets of the marines, which I am aiming to finish off this week. I also spent two hours completing as much of the sergeant as I could:

The model is from the Forgeworld Minotaurs range; Ivanus Enkomi. I will be using it to represent a Sternguard special character who is particularly hard to kill. The paint scheme required me to make some difficult choices, as the miniature itself is quite busy. The bones on the chest armour looked best painted white, which will impact the style of shield I make for him. The combination of white shield, shoulder pad, skull helm and torso would be a bit too much I think. I had (and am still having) trouble highlighting the helm, due to a previously unnoticed ding laying straight over the detail I want to put a hard gold edge over. Curses!
The other decisions all related to maintaining the limited pallet of my test miniature, despite the added detail (such as the skull on the knee pad and lambda symbol on the greaves). The only exception was the purity seal, which I did in the same style as my Dark Angels. It adds just a tiny unifying piece to the model; I could imagine Interrogator Sapphon blessing his ally's armour and affixing the seal, in the absence of an Iron Snakes Chaplain to perform the rites.
See you across the table,