Saturday, 25 October 2014

Armies on Parade: Victory!

Hi folks,

Today I attended the Armies on Parade competition at my local GW. As I have posted previously, my good mate Sgt Waz has been preparing a display board this year, so it was great to duck in for a while and give him my support. There were nine entries, which is a big increase on the three they had last year. That probably sounds like a small turn out to most people, but we don’t have as many players in this area. I’m hoping that with the right influences the community will keep growing and create some cool things.
The Sergeant’s display was epic, everyone seemed to appreciate the effort he had put into the board and the individual Nids. The pictures don’t really do the fire effect made by the LED’s any justice, for that I would probably have had to take a video! It really did look like the thing was burning. Sgt Waz won Gold for his display, a well-deserved result.
Looks like Deathleaper got his man...
There was a very cool Astra Militarum display, with some nice flyers and a Stormsword. I had a chat with the owner and he said that the tank took him a solid day to paint, which is just mental. I have a Shadowsword hiding in my garage that I wish I could paint in that amount of time. He’s had some success with the army list as well, which makes me wonder how I would take out something that big in a normal game (perhaps by using a Shadowsword…) I really liked the blending on the greys in this paint scheme, it looked quite smooth and contrasted well with the yellow. He was also one of the only other entrants to put a big effort into his display board; again, well deserving of the Silver medal.
There was a wicked looking Nurgle/Slaanesh marine army with a well painted Warhound Titan. The owner had put a lot of effort into weathering and corrosion, and the addition of a Slaanesh themed squad added some much needed and appreciated contrast. This was the clear Bronze entry to me, which was confirmed when the votes were counted (it’s nice to know democracy agrees with my personal opinion sometimes).
"You take the ugly one."
"Which one's the ugly one!?"
Apart from those three displays there was a well painted Necron force, some more Nids and an old school Crimson Fists force with 2nd Ed. and Rogue Trader era figures (if only there were a few more of them on a spectacular board: COME ON OLD SCHOOL!).
Next year I think I’ll give the competition a go, if only to add some diversity to the gene-pool. I hope you enjoy the pics, I’ll try and get some more close up shots at some point.
See you across the table,

P.S. I showed the local GW some love by picking up one of these on the way out. At $90 the kit is going to have to go a long way. Thankfully, I have a few ideas where all those extra bits can go...