Sunday, 12 October 2014

Work in Progress...

I think parenthood is a bit like a job in the army. Great swathes of time are spent being bored whilst working your fingers to the bone, followed by sporadic bursts of utter terror. This week my boy had such a sever temper tantrum that he stopped breathing, fell unconscious and had to be revived by my mother-in-law (I was having a rare lunch out with the wifey). I didn't even know that was a thing. Apparently 2% of strong willed toddlers do it until about the age of 4-6 years, with the main preventative treatment being "to avoid tantrums". A bit like telling a soldier to prevent death by avoiding bullets, yes?

The boy and his dog; the quintessence of "inseparable".

Anyway, here is my progress on a few projects:

Iron Snakes: I have undercoated the torsos, painted the right shoulder pad and have made a start on a few shields for my Iron Snakes. They are taking al little longer than I had at first planned for, which I am not too worried about because of the detail that I am trying to show on each figure. If I keep plugging away at them every week, eventually I will get them all done.

Dark Angels: I have undercoated the Devastator marines and Sergeant parts I need to complete my plasma cannon squad. Most of miniatures will need some touch-ups as well.

Tyranids: I have stripped, primed, undercoated and put the first couple of glazes over some old school Ravenors, which I will be using as the basis for some unique Tyrant Guard conversions. I have also, as I posted previously, converted Deathleaper.

So, a few things on the boil just to make sure I finish on schedule. I am really looking forward to getting those Iron Snakes finished, but I don't want to stuff it up by rushing.

See you across the table,