Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hive Fleet Numereji: Building a Better Deathleaper Part 2

Hi folks,

Just a quick update to share some progress I have made on my Deathleaper project. Over the past couple of weeks I have added some glazes to the armour and painted the detail on the eyes, head and gribbly-bits (feeding tendrils?). Tonight I worked on the base, painting the marine in my standard Dark Angel scheme and undercoating the gore in a skin tone and a lighter shade of Lich Purple. Over that I added three generous coats of Tamiya Clear Red.


I will probably fan some more blood effects out towards the front of the base, to give the impression that the marine has been dragged. Below are some pics to show the pose of the rending claws, which I have not painted yet. As you can see, they are pretty beefcake! They cover up some of the detail of the base, which I am fine with. Once you pick it up and take a look at where all that blood is coming from, everything can be seen clearly.

I am hoping to have this guy finished by the weekend, so keep an eye out for him (he's coming for you...).

See you across the table,