Sunday, 28 December 2014

Hive Fleet Numereji: Building a Better Flyrant Part 2

Hi folks,

With all of the arm sockets used up to mount the dual pairs of wings, I needed to come up with a creative way to represent the two twin-linked Devourers. I decided to try and torso-mount them, as opposed to trying to model them into the wing or the lower limbs. To facilitate this, I made an L-shaped cut to remove the fleshhook barrels and free up some space.
I kept the small pieces I had removed, just in case I messed everything up and needed to replace them. I then assembled the full torso and put together some twin-linked Devourers. Now, anyone who has worked with Devourers before knows they have a “droop” nose, which makes them hard to glue together “back-to-back” with flush surfaces. I filed them down considerably, cut them to fit the gap in the torso I had made, then filled any gaps in the weapons with green stuff.
Once that was complete and the greenstuff had cured, I pinned and glued the Devourers to the torso. I allowed this to dry overnight before modelling the rest of the torso. To fill the gaps I used more green stuff and a watch-repairing tool to sculpt organic shapes (piece of cake). During the planning stages of the project, I noticed that the extra armour on the head would make it difficult to hit into the neck socket. To overcome this problem I placed a ball of green stuff at the far rim of the socket and pressed the head in as far as it would go. I then removed the head and sculpted to more organic shapes in the “new” socket. I also filed down the protruding detail of the manubrium (the bit at the top of the sternum armour) giving the head a place for the chin to rest. The head now fits perfectly (imperiously…).
The next stage is to work on the wings themselves, as well as the lower limbs and base. I even have an idea for spicing up the base, which will require at least an hour of rummaging through my bitz boxes.
See you under the table with my head in a bitz box,