Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Some troop choices from my "Christmas Tree" list...

Hi folks,

I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas and perhaps got something to add to your collection (whatever that may be...). I was planning on a 40K free year this year, as I try and get some ships together for X-wing; thanks for the E-wing KuriboGoomba! Of course my mates Wade and Sgt Waz had other plans, walking in with an ominously large box during our festive gaming session. Suffice to say, my Iron Snakes have found their Trojan Horse...

We had a krak at a new card game called Boss Monster. It is definitely aimed at my specific demographic, with retro gaming artwork, outside-the-box D&D gaming style and humorous context.

In this game you play the role of a Boss Monster, one of those end-of-level fiends that are the bane of heroes in every game. You spend your time constructing a dungeon using monster rooms and trap rooms that you pick up, then hope to attract heroes in that you are capable of killing. The artwork is all 8-bit retro gaming and the flavour text on the cards is very Munchkin. As always, it gives you a little extra kick to play the bad guys. The good guys can be very easy to beat or downright impossible, you definitely don't want to attract the hard ones as being eliminated from the game is pretty easy.

I randomly chose some Cleopatra/Mummy thing as my Boss Monster character and built a very nasty dungeon with multiple trap rooms that buffed each other and two monster rooms (Cavemen Cave and a Dracolich Lair). After Wade was eliminated by attracting way too many hard guys, my dungeon started pulling in the big bucks. It turns out Wade's dungeon had kept the heat off me long enough to put together a winning combination. With his ablative efforts removed, I swept through and won the game in one foul swoop. Hurray for beginners luck! 

All things considered I give Boss Monster a solid 3/5. It is a short game that fits nicely at the beginning or end of a gaming session, when you have some time to kill as you wait for everyone to turn up for (or wind down from...) the main event.

The main event on this occasion was a large game of X-wing, which I will save for the next post.

See you across the table,