Sunday, 22 February 2015

Iron Snakes: Squad Lakodeme Progress

Hi folks,

I have been working on my Iron Snakes Sternguard with siege mantles over the past couple of nights, focusing on the combi-plasmas, plasma guns and shields. After photographing the parts, I think I will do another round of highlights on some of the weapon details; they just aren't sharp enough for me yet. I have tried to mute the OSL on the plasma coils, mainly to justify not painting any on the shield embrasures. The shields look better clean and white, I don't want any extra blue in there to confuse things.

MOAR plasma.

I have created something of a rod for my own back, by deciding to add an apothecary and squad standard bearer to the unit. Having an apothecary fits nicely with the reference literature I have on the Chapter, as does the squad standard bearer, but it will add another two nights to the project. Anything that adds time to the project at this stage makes my eye twitch ;-) Still, the apothecary should save a few marines from overheating plasma weapons!

I hope he has lots of burn salve...

Wifey bought me some really neat ancient ruins that fit the style of the miniatures well (thanks Wifey!). When I finish the squad off I'll see if I can do some interesting digitally altered shots with them.

Veteran Sergeant Thanatos and a fellow marine defending the temple of Cetus.

I have decided to name them Squad Lakodeme, from Dan Abnett's Brothers of the Snake. Lakodeme is not one of the "Notable" squads and is only mentioned in passing:

"Mikos of Lakodeme, victor of Penses and Tribulation Rex, nursed a terrible stomach wound."

This is good for me, as it provides a lot of room for artistic and conceptual licence. I have been brewing some background material for them from the perspective of a belligerent Inquisitor being held captive by the Dark Angels... more about that when I have finished painting!

See you across the table,