Saturday, 28 February 2015

Iron Snakes: Squad Lakodeme Banner Complete

Hi folks,

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours painting the squad banner for Squad Lakodeme freehand. Overall, I am pretty happy with the result, though it was a bit of a nightmare at the time.Yesterday was the last day of summer here in Australia and it was a stinker in Sydney. Very humid conditions and high temperature with lots of bugs flying around. While I was painting the white stripe on the banner, the biggest fly I have ever seen landed on the end of my brush and then flew straight into my face!


The banner has the Greek symbol Lambda on it, which stands for Lakodeme. It ties in nicely with the round shields I have been using to kit-bash my Storm Eagle and Contemptor Dreadnought. They also have Lambda on them, which stands for Lacedaemon (Sparta). I'm sure you can see the relationship there...

The banner itself is quite spartan in design (!), so that it doesn't draw attention from the shields I spent a lot more time painting.

The marines are starting to come together quite nicely now. Once the Apothecary is complete I'll do some last minute touch ups and take some high resolution close-up shots; these are just a teaser. Sooo close now....

See you across the table,