Monday, 2 March 2015

Old Stuff Day!

Hi folks,

Over the past couple of years there has been a movement amongst regular bloggers to rediscover and share classic blog posts. I feel that Old School Gaming hasn't really been around long enough to warrant any serious blogomancy, but I thought I would share some photos of an old project that I am particularly proud of.

I originally posted WIP articles of this project in my old blog "Bravest of the Plains People"  (referring to a recruitment world of the Dark Angels). After the birth of my two children I stopped blogging and actually deleted the old material one fateful night. I blame utter sleep deprivation! So, it being the March 2nd and all, it is time for some Old School style resurrection...

Cast your minds back to the halcyon days of Assault on Black Reach flooding the internet with cheap Space Marine Dreadnoughts and GW bringing out the new Blood Angels Dreadnought kit, which came with enough bits to sink the Bismarck. I hatched a plan to combine the two and make both a Deathwing themed Dreadnought and an Interrogator Chaplain Dreadnought. The Deathwing Dread was armed with lightning claws, a meltagun and a plasma blaster, but could swap one claw out for a Dreadnought sniper rifle. I named it Barakiel "Hawk Talon":

Filing off the sarcophagus felt so sacrilegious...

I remember wet-blending those claws [shudder].

MOAR feathers!

Here it is with the alternate weapon configuration:

This... is my BOOMstick.

The original, larger scale, banner is framed and hanging on the wall of my garage:

+ Emu feathers from an aboriginal community fundraiser in Wilcannia

I'm really pleased to launch this model back into the blogosphere; it took such an incredible amount of fiddling to complete, thinking about it now makes me grin. I look forward to seeing what everyone else finds during their mining for old blog gems. If your number of post views from Australia jumps wildly over the next couple of days, it is probably me checking out your archives!

See you across the table,