Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ravenwing: Attack Bike Complete

Hi folks,

It has been a very long time since my Dark Angels got any love; my Dark Angels Command Squad back in August last year. Needless to say my beloved Unforgiven are long overdue for some force expansion! Taking a look at all the Dark Angels Codex chatter it is clear that I am going to need some Ravenwing bikes to be competitive on the battlefield. With that in mind (... and with 12 bikes hiding somewhere in my bitz box), I have decided that a Ravenwing Attack Squadron will be the next on my paint table.

A few years ago, when the "new*" Ravenwing box came out, I actually assembled some Ravenwing bikes and came close to completing a test model. At the time a bunch of the guys I game with had formed a Facebook group called "The Get Stuff Painted" group. We took turns working on each other's armies to get them finished for gaming and achieved a lot together. I shipped my Ravenwing squad off to Craig R, along with a hastily painted Ravenwing Attack bike to demonstrate the scheme I was after. He performed an admirable job getting the block colours down and added some OSL to the front lamp that I hadn't counted on.

This is the squad I will be working on for this project. To finish them off they all require detail work and spot colours, decals and marines (preferably with grav weapons!). I gave the original Attack Bike a once-over tonight and re-painted the OSL from the lamp; I am a little more confident with the technique after my Ithakan adventures :-)

As you can see I have added some ravens flying over the sidecar. They are from the Dark Eldar range and I have a few more to splash around. I think they add a nice touch to the squad and reflect the reference artwork really well.

I want to differentiate the average biker from the Command Squad, so I have left the angel wing ornaments off the front of these bikes. I have also painted the feathers of the standard differently to how they are usually done on the Codex. Instead of being white I have painted them red and green like the feathers I paint on my Deathwing Terminators and Dreadnoughts. They are a little more grim/dark this way, and it is a cheeky homage back to the native American style of the early Dark Angels.

That's two marines down and eight to go: six bikes and one Landspeeder. Wish me luck!

See you across the table,


* By "new" I mean not a model released during 2nd Edition 40K :-)