Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hobby Season 2014/15 in Review

Hi folks,

This year has been the year of the Iron Snake! Of the 13 projects that I planned for 2014/15, it was the first two that I poured most of my creative energy into. As a result, I haven't finished nearly as many models as I would have liked to, but as so many people have pointed out, sometimes quality trumps quantity. Here is a brief review of the projects and tangents I have pursued over the past 12 months. Hold on to your hats, it has been a busy year...

1) Iron Snakes

First on the list was a squad of Iron Snakes Sternguard equipped with boarding shields. Conceived three years ago during a holiday in Greece, I commenced the project early in the hobby season and it took me 6 months to complete. You can see the finished product or explore the whole journey by hitting the Iron Snakes link in the 'Scrap Code' sidebar.

Shortly after completing the 10 man squad I began work on an Iron Snakes Contemptor Dreadnought. I utilised various conversion pieces from the Forgeworld Minotaurs Chapter range and basing pieces from Scibor. I loved modelling and painting Ancient Nestor and the support I received during the project from online communities (particularly Google+ and other bloggers) was terrific.

The final Iron Snakes project on my list is still in pieces! I have a Master of the Forge with a unique combination of wargear ready to be assembled, which I am really excited about (artistically if not competitively). He will be the first model I work on when their time comes around again.

2) Dark Angels

My Dark Angels have been on my mind the past couple of months, particularly after I picked up the last Codex. I am keen to play some more games in the current Edition, but at the same time I try to maintain a force that can be used with the 2nd Ed. rules as well. I have made progress painting some Devastator Marines and Ravenwing Bikes recently, but I haven't finished either project yet. They will stay on the list for next year. The final Dark Angels project for the year, a Landraider Crusader, will get cut from the list. It is converted and undercoated but will have to wait until more vital units have been finished.

3) Tyranids

My beloved gribblies hardly got a mention this year, not the ones on the list anyway.... I have both a Swarmlord and a unit of Hive Guard assembled and ready for the first coat of paint. On my table at the moment I have a unit of unique Tyrant Guard built using 3rd Ed. Ravenor pieces, which may be completed before the deadline. We'll see what I can do this week, otherwise they will be the first Nids off the block in the next season.

4) Battletech

I have been playing a lot of Battletech this year but I haven't done much painting. Considering I had a grand total of 22 Mechs on my 2014/15 To-do list, that's not helpful! Out of the 12 Draconis Combine Mechs on my list, I managed to finish 4 (below). I speed paint these guys so I should be able to knock them over pretty efficiently when I bend my mind to that purpose.

I also managed to complete a test miniature for the Ghost Bears star of Mechs I have planned as a gift for KuriboGoomba. They take a long time to paint, but I am trying to get them finished by Christmas this year.

The Jade Falcon Mechs on the list are sitting on my table at the moment and are excruciatingly close to being finished. Keep an eye out for them in the next couple of days!

5) Kallidus Lighthouse

Ummmm, not even a little bit.

6) Random Things that Wasted my Precious Time

Well, I can't complain too much. All of the side projects I have done this year have been great fun and well worth doing, especially the Jurassic World themed scenario pieces I posted a few weeks ago. Some serious modelling and painting sessions have gone into painting two models in particular, a converted Deathleaper and a Callidus Assassin apprentice I used to represent a roleplaying character.


One of the biggest time sinks for me has been the X-wing miniatures game. I got into it at Christmas and since then my fleet has grown considerably:

I have also spent a considerable amount of time introducing my kids to the wonderful world of Lego. Playing spaceships with my daughter has been heart-warming to say the least.

That was my hobby year in review! I am looking forward to the next instalment of hobby madness, with the 2015/16 season kicking off at the end of the month. Even as I try to squeeze in a final couple of finished projects, my mind is already starting to ponder what new things can be achieved (...and how long it will be before I am painting verdigris again).

See you across the table,