Friday, 7 August 2015

Ravenwing: Painting Eye Lenses

Hi folks,

After a particularly grueling day at work this week I decided to blow off some steam by painting all of my Ravenwing biker's eye lenses. In hindsight, that was a ridiculous idea :-)

The four bikers took me about an hour to paint using the following Citadel paints below. Some of the pots are getting a little long in the tooth, but it goes to show how long these things can last if you treat them with love (and drying retarder medium...).

I usually start with a layer of Mephiston Red, followed by Blood Red. I then add a thin stripe of 1:1 Blood Red/Macharius Solar Orange, followed by an even thinner stripe of 1:1 Blood Red/Golden Yellow. I then mix a touch of Bleached Bone into the last colour on my pallet to add a finishing highlight. I use Badab Black in the back corner of the eye followed by a tiny dot of Skull White to give the impression of some reflection off the lens.

The last guy that I worked on was balls hard because I had already completely posed him and one of the lenses was hard to get to. This one requires a lot of work before it is done, only the eye lenses are finished at this stage, but you get a good idea of some of the conversion work I have done with the raven:

I was inspired by the artwork below from previous Dark Angel codexes. Interestingly, I am pretty sure there is an older version of this picture where the biker is a normal Ravenwing marine, not a Black Knight. Hopefully I get some more time to work on these guys before the end of the 2015 hobby season, I would love to use them in some games.

See you across the table,