Friday, 10 June 2016

Tyranid Tyrant Guard Brood: TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

This Tyrant Guard brood has been on my To-Do list for a long time, but my Nids keep getting pushed to the end of the queue for some reason. My Tyranid paint scheme is particularly suited for speed-painting, to give me a break from some of my more intensive schemes (looking at you lovingly, Iron Snakes). It doesn't require much in the way of brush control, which is why they have finally made their way onto my paint table; I have been recovering from pneumonia the past couple of weeks and the medication has me shaking like crazy! In the interests of making some kind of progress, these guys are perfect recovery fodder.

I have quite a few snake-themed Tyranids in my collection, including a Swarm Lord that I converted using an old metal Red Terror body. To escort him around the battlefield, I thought it would be neat to convert some old Ravenors up as Tyrant Guard. I have equipped them with rending claws (well... claw) and crushing claws. I feel that crushing claws are a bit of a waste of points; my Tyrant Guard usually die before they ever get into combat, but if they do...  I have also outfitted them with shields made out of spare Trygon heads, as a little nod to the 3rd Edition Tyrant Guard.

I have a feeling I'll be on the meds for a couple of weeks, so I have lined up a few more Tyranid projects to keep the ball rolling on my To-Do list. These guys took me under 2 hours to finish off tonight, which is a nice change from the month-long slogs I sometimes face with other models.

So here's the big green stamp for these guys, it was a long time coming :o)


See you across the table,


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