Monday, 13 June 2016

X-wing: First Game with Wifey (...I've created a monster)

Hi folks,

We have been going a bit stir-crazy in my family the past couple of weeks, with various factors combining to keep us in the house doing nothing. I took a short trip to my FLGS with the kids, just to get out for a bit. Apart from adding to my daughter's growing collection of horse figurines, I picked up a Z-95 Headhunter and TIE Advanced Prototype for X-wing. I have been looking for a Z-95 to finish off a little fleet that has been on my mind, and I figured the TIE Advanced Prototype would be a characterful addition whenever a Ghost is on the board. Besides, both ships are ridiculously cute.

I roped the wifey into playing a game after the kids went to sleep*. Wifey is an avid boardgamer, but doesn't have any particular interest for Star Wars, so I was fully prepared for a short game followed by "Meh. Carcassone?" I was right about one thing. The game was short. I set Wifey up with Valen Rudor in the TIE, which would give her an extra action every time she defends. I also loaded the ship with assault missiles and munitions failsafe. I opted for Lieutenant Blount with Ion Pulse Missiles; no munitions failsafe, because Blount always hits (even when he doesn't).

I ran through the basic rules as we maneuvered towards each other, then demonstrated a K-turn and zapped a shield off the TIE. We had a short discussion about predicting an opponent's maneuvers and then things went pear shaped :o)

Once she got behind my Z-95, I never really shook her off, which is a testament to both the accessibility of the game and Wifey's natural inclination to stab me in the back whenever we play something together. Seriously, UNO is torture. In the photo above, she managed to hit with an assault missile, removing one of my shields.

After chasing each other across the starfield for a few turns, I lost another shield and my Ion Pulse Missiles to a critical hit. The next turn I rounded on the TIE and we jousted at Range 1. I evaded one hit, but one got through to wreck Blount's day.

It was a short, fun, game that she was still bragging about in the morning. I hinted "best out of three" and she didn't say no, so I'll take that as a positive sign :-)

See you across the table,


*...and by "went to sleep" I mean "watched Mum and Dad play Star Wars from the top of the stairs until they caught us red-handed."

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