Friday, 26 August 2016

X-wing: Star Wars Rebels Scenario

Hi folks,

A ton of stuff has happened over the past couple of weeks (mostly good), but I haven't had any time to blog. This has created a major bottleneck in my head, so I'll be trying to offload a few posts this weekend. First cab off the ranks: Wade's Birthday X-wing shenanigans.

I teamed up with the guys to test out Wade's new Gozanti-Class Cruiser, which looks like an absolute beast. I knocked together a Star Wars: Rebels themed scenario for us to play that I thought others may like to try.

Mission: Rebel Intelligence 

A rebel intelligence agent is being extracted from a critical mission aboard the Ghost, when they are ambushed by an Imperial Fleet. The intelligence agent must escape if the fledgling Rebellion is to survive. With its hyperdrive system disabled, the Ghost maneuvers into an asteroid field in an attempt to lose its pursuers. 

Mission Setup

Rebel: 150 Squad Points.
Kanan Jarrus VCX-100 (Ion Cannon Turret, Fire-Control System, Recon Specialist, Ghost)
"Zeb" Orrelios Attack Shuttle (Intelligence Agent, Phantom)
Ten Numb B-wing (Stay on Target, "Mangler" Cannon, B-wing/E2, Hera Syndulla)
Green Squadron Pilot A-wing (Push the Limit, Chardaan Refit, A-wing Test Pilot, Juke)
Green Squadron Pilot A-wing (Push the Limit, Chardaan Refit, A-wing Test Pilot, Juke)

Imperial: 150 Squad Points.
Gozanti-Class Cruiser (Ion Cannon Battery)
The Inquisitor TIE Adv. Prototype (Juke, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, TIE/v1)
Academy Pilot TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot TIE Fighter
Captain Kagi Lambda-class Shuttle

The Rebel player places eight asteroid tokens into the play area. They cannot be placed within Range 1 of any board-edge.

The Rebel player places his/her ships within Range 1 of their board-edge. Then the Imperial player places his/her ships within Range 1 of their board-edge. The Imperial player has initiative.

Special Rules

This scenario introduces two new actions: Disabling Shot and Boarding Action.
  • Disabling Shot: follow the same procedure for acquiring a Target Lock. Use the standard Target Lock tokens with an Ion Token stacked on the red target lock token. If the targeted ship is destroyed this turn, you may spend the Target Lock to restore it to one hull point. Roll a single attack dice, resolving any hits caused. Transfer the ion token to the targeted ship. This ion token remains on the targeted ship until the end of the game.
  • Boarding Action (Large or Epic ships only): Large or Epic sized ships, that maneuver within Range 1 of another ship that has an ion token, may attempt a boarding action by rolling an attack dice. The player in control of the ship being boarded may roll a defense dice to oppose the action. If the action is successful, transfer one crew upgrade card from the boarded ship (or a ship docked to the boarded ship) to the Large/Epic sized ship. 


Rebel Victory: Destroy Captain Kagi and The Inquisitor. The Intelligence Agent must be in your control.

Imperial Victory: Escape with the Intelligence Agent crew upgrade card in a Large or Epic sized ship you control, by exiting the play area via your own board edge.

In our game I maneuvered the Ghost away from the Lambda-class shuttle in an effort to take out the Inquisitor early. The A-wings sped towards the Shuttle to weaken it, with only a few attack dice, I wanted to put them where it counts.

The Gozanti began working the Ghost over with its Ion Battery, while The Inquisitor outmaneuvered the B-wing, engaging the A-wings and take some heat off the Lambda-class Shuttle. With the aid of some freshly deployed TIE Fighters, both A-wings were destroyed in rapid succession. The Gozanti made an attempt to board the Ghost, but failed. Some more launched TIE's took out the B-wing at Range 1 with a blistering volley.

With both of the big Imperial ships committed to chasing the Ghost, I launched the Phantom in the opposite direction! The Gozanti tried to hit it with its Ion Battery but missed, giving the Ghost a chance to maneuver (at last). It pounded one of the TIE's, then K-turned and pounded it again, taking it out. The Gozanti continued trying to pin down the Attack Shuttle with Ion shots, but couldn't hit the little blighter. With the Ghost steaming in behind and doing some serious damage to Captain Kagi, a bit of desperation seemed to leak into the Imperial game-plan.

Wade tried to slow down the Attack Shuttle with a flurry of Disabling Shots. If successful, we predicted that he would have 3 turns to board and capture the agent before it drifted off the board; he would be cutting it close. The last TIE fighter managed to destroy the Attack Shuttle, spending its Disabling Shot token in an attempt to save the Intelligence Agent. Wade rolled a critical hit on the attack dice (!) and the hopes of both the Imperials and the Rebels were blown to dust. Somehow, I don't think the Inquisitor will be pleased...

See you across the table,


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