Wednesday 2 November 2016

Dreadtober: TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

It has been a grueling end to Dreadtober! Adding an extra two arms to a dreadnought seemed to extend the painting time ridiculously, which I wasn't really counting on. I spent a night adding depth to the red on the armour of the servo-arms, then a night on each adding detail such as lenses, plasma coil glow, metallics and weathering.

Getting a decent photograph is also turning out to be a challenge. All of the protruding parts make it hard to focus; I am considering stacking some photos at different focal lengths. Below you can see the detail on most of the dreadnought but the servo-claw is out of focus.

I have also been fooling around with a few different online photo editing programs. I usually use Pixlr, which is a freeweb-based program that does the basics very well, i.e cropping, contrast, colour balance and levels. The photos in this post were all edited using BeFunky, which also does the basics and some other neat stuff. It has more features which can be accessed for a monthly fee, that I am not willing to spend money on at the moment. I may give them a try later on though.

Below is a picture of the dreadnought next to the original Deathwatch Techmarine that inspired the project. I have tried to stick to the original paint scheme as close as possible, except where NMM was used; I simply didn't have time for that! I opted for true metallics with depth added through shading and highlights instead.

Birth, death, re-birth.

So that is the sixth dreadnought in my Dark Angels army. I have a few special character Dreads, including a Deathwing Dreadnought and Interrogator Chaplain Dreadnought. I am running short of ideas after this Techmarine, so next year I may have to do something completely different...

I am still playing around with photographing this guy, so I will probably drop one more post about him on the weekend. I want to share the backstory with everyone too, so brace yourselves ;-)

See you across the table,


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