Friday, 28 October 2016

Dreadtober: Detail and Weathering

Hi folks,

With Dreadtober coming to a close, I am really struggling to find the time to get my Deathwatch Techmarine Dreadnought finished. This is the time of year we write reports at school and I am neck deep in paperwork, so I have only been able to snatch 30 minutes here and there to add details. This has mostly included painting the green lenses and the shading on the potential coil and red armour/conversion beamer. There is a Mechanicum symbol on the right arm that also took some time to paint:

The left arm took a long time to shade, even though it is primarily only one colour. I may still add some more mid-tones to some areas, depending on how much time I have at the end. I am just trying to pack as much depth into that true-metallic arm as possible.

After getting the detail done I added some weathering, primarily using stippling. I paid particular attention to the legs, adding some light brown to match the base. If you recall, the Techmarine that inspired this project has a lot of dust and muck in his robes to reflect the kind of work he does (he spends most of his days doing grease and oil changes on Landraiders).  I felt like I was paying even further homage to him by focusing on the legs and making them dirty.

The Dark Angels symbol on the barrel also copped some abuse, following some constructive advice from the community. Chaplains are on route to the offending parties to investigate any potential Fallen sympathies...

The next challenge is going to revolve around photography, but I will also be using the extra time to paint the detail on the servo-arms and attach them. If all goes well, I will be able to make the big reveal with everybody else during the final Dreadtober showcase!

See you across the Dreadtable,


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