Sunday, 29 January 2017

Tyranids: Aliens Themed Warrior Brood

They mostly come out at night... mostly...

Hi folks,

I recently purchased an iBook copy of the Kill Team rules, with the aim of easing myself back into 40K gaming. I liked the idea of a Tyranid Warrior team, especially considering that I have a Warrior Brood on my To-Do list. I also seemed to remember a set of Aliens inspired resin heads that I had floating around... somewhere...

With the construction of a Kill Team in mind, I opted for a mix of weapon load-outs. The first model I assembled is a ranged specialist, equipped with a venom cannon and scything talons. The targeter can be used to represent the Eagle Eye special rule (+50% range), increasing the range of the cannon and making this guy a dedicated sniper.


I also assembled a close combat specialist, equipped with a deathspitter, bone sword and lash whip. I love this guy's jaunty pose. Killer Instinct should help this guy (always wounds non-vehicles on 2+).

To add some more bodies to the squad, I made two warriors with scything talons and deathspitters. One of these guys will be used as the leader of my Kill Team. The other guy will be left on the side-lines most games, in favor of a Hive Guard with Infiltrate (or whatever else I find works well).

Feeling creative, I also threw together a Tyranid Prime armed with The Miasma Cannon and rending claws. Not the most spectacular combination of weapons for a Prime, but thoroughly enjoyable all the same.

Have I mentioned that I am a big fan of Aliens :D

See you across the table,


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