Monday, 9 January 2017

Van Diemen's World Devils: Battlewagon Progress

Hi folks,

The weather isn't being kind to painters in Sydney at the moment. I attempted to use a spray primer yesterday and the paint was drying in the air between the can and the model! I have still managed to get some work done on my final Van Diemen's World project, the re-looted Battlewagon.

I started by priming it black, followed by an undercoat of Leadbelchers. Over that I painted a layer of Khaki from the Tamiya range. The camo was achieved using Devlin Mud, Thraka (Biel-Tan) Green and Seraohim Sepia washes, with some panels left Khaki. I then went a picked out some further details in Warplock Bronze and Abbadon Black. I still need to do some Leadbelchers touch-ups and a major black wash, followed by highlights. After that will come some weathering of the tracks and attachment/weathering of the wheels. There is also heaps of detail I need to pick out with spot colours, particularly in the rear tray: computer screens and lamps everywhere!

Thanks to the sequence of undercoats, I have already been able to scratch in some some bullet holes around the wagon. I need to add some darker streaks next to the cluster on the left, but overall I am happy with how they are turning out.

Hopefully the weather cools down enough next week for me to finish this monster off. It is a little bit late for Christmas but painting takes as long as it takes :-)

See you across the table,


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