Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Weekly Review: MOAR plasma!

Hi folks,

This week I have been tinkering around with my Imperial Knight Warden and Iron Snakes Centurion projects. Both miniatures feature some serious conversion work involving plasma weapons; just the pick me up I needed after a busy week at work.

On the Table

My first goal was to add some washes to my Knight's leg internal structure.

I started with a few glazes of Seraphim Sepia, followed by a Reikland Fleshshade wash to deepen the shade without resorting to black. After that was dry I gave it a gloss varnish to give it an oily sheen.

The toes were painted in Lothern Blue, then highlighted with a lighter shade. I could then weather the armour using a hobby knife, by scratching through the blue to the Leadbelcher undercoat. Heavier weathering was achieved in places by digging deeper, all the way down to the original black layer. I think it worked pretty well, and it makes it easy to scratch bullet holes and other battle damage. I'll be using some stipling and sponging techniques later on, with some of the larger armoured plates, to represent different forms of damage.

Under the Knife

I also converted the Hellfire Plasma Cannonade carapace weapon, using the Deredeo Dread upgrade kit. I am really excited to see how it looks mounted on the completed Knight.

Finally, I have been stewing over my choice to give the Iron Snakes Centurion sergeant a sword and grav cannon combination. I never really liked the idea of grav for this squad, so when I noticed the plasma cannon on the Deathwing Terminator sprue, I decided to revisit the original conversion. I still like the sword idea, but I will save that for another Centurion squad. After a bit of sawing and filing, I was able to fit the plasma cannon and cables pretty neatly. The Deathwing plasma cannon is a really neat, self contained piece; much easier to convert than the Devastator version.

I also rebuilt the emergency heat-sink on the Centurion with the overheating plasma cannon. I have decided that this guy is going to be the Apothecary in the squad (every Iron Snakes squad has one), so I will probably attach some more medical gear to the leg armour.

Ooooh, I spotted a gap! I'll fix that tomorrow.

The third member of the squad is going get a standard for his back, which ticks all of the special character components I wanted the squad to have.

On my Mind

8th Edition 40K is so close now I can taste it. I am not a huge fan of the new Primaris Marines, except for (dare I say it) those huge plasma guns. So the starter set isn't a priority for me. If I do spend any money of miniatures this year, they will probably be of the 30K variety. Getting my hands on the new Dark Angels, Space Marine, Imperial Knight and Tyranids rules, on the other hand, is an absolute must.

See you across the table,


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