Wednesday, 30 August 2017

40K Soulslike: Mikos of Lakodeme

Hi folks,

As I scrounge through my garage and ponder what to put on my next To-Do list, I have been converting this figure for D Power's 40K Soulslike competition. He has just started a new 40K/Souls cross-over blog with a suitably ultragrim/dark background story to go with it, titled Astronomica. I have only ever watched people playing Dark Souls, I was always more of a happy-go-lucky Fable player, but the idea of helping him populate the world with a creepy Inflicted Iron Snake character was too good to pass up.

Getting the pose to fit the theme was a bit tricky. I had a few weapon options, so spent some time trolling though images of the Souls games to check what would look legit. This pose, with this particular hammer, looks a lot like this picture that I found:

Damn, that looks nasty.  

I also had a look at some characters/NPCs and bosses that carry hammers and found this hideous thing:

Next job will be to paint the ever-loving-Blanchitsu-weathered hell out of him. Which will have to wait for the weekend. I am thinking of lots of black with metallic highlights, bronze with verdigris, and dirty/weathered bone.

As for how he fits into the story, I am thinking of a summon-able NPC that stalks around the shores of the Corpse Sea, haunted by the sound of a horn blowing in the distance (that nobody else seems to be able to hear). I'll save the exact details of how one would actually get hold of the horn for later...

"Dost thou hear aught? The clarion call that haunts thine audition? Ever did it herald the bruit of ulbrumil, on fair Ithaka, whence each billow bringeth the cleansing scent of brine."

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go and check out the blog: 40 000 Soulslike!

See you across the table,


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