Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Big Clean Up 2017

Hi folks,

I snuck into the garage this morning to have a think about my new To-Do list, and had trouble even getting through the door! It is one of those spaces that tends to collect stuff over the course of time. A little bit dumped every week soon becomes a big mess.

Can you spot the Swiss Army knife, Tamiya Clear Red, white thunder hammer, Dark Eldar and a daffodil?

When my hobby space is like this, I find it much harder to stay motivated. There is nothing worse than having dig through piles of junk to find the tools that you need, or to make a space to take a photo. The most logical place to start was my painting table, which I cleared of half-finished projects and scraped clean with a paint scraper; I had one too many super glue explosions last season.

How many xenomorphs can you spot? How about greenstuff strips?

That gave me a clear space to put my customised mobile paint station, courtesy of The Trooper. He's been putting his wood-working skills to good to use making these boards, which fit both Citadel pots and Vallejo.  I like the idea of being able to load it up with the paints I need and shift them to any spot I want in the house (and back again!). It has a felt layer on the bottom, which should prevent any scratches to the wifey's nice furniture ;-)

Can you guess what I painted with these pots?

I shifted a bunch of old rulebooks out of my bookcase, giving me some space for unfinished projects right next to my painting table. I'll be looking there tomorrow to help fill my To-Do list.

Can you spot Froggy, a Lambda class shuttle and a 2nd Ed. Tyranid Codex?

My next job will be to tidy up my display shelves to make more room for finished projects; optimism!

Can you spot a blast marker, kettle weight, zoanthrope and red D8?

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to take some more shots of my fully armed and operational hobby space. Then I can get cracking on my 2017/18 projects in earnest.

See you across the table,


P.S. If you can find all the stuff I will give you a cookie.

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