Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Knight's Tale: Avenger Gatling Cannon and Reaper Chainsword

Hi folks,

So, technically, I have finished painting my Imperial Knight Warden. Excuse me while I dance around like an idiot for a minute. About 10 minutes ago I finished drybrushing the overheating Avenger Gatling cannon, finally using that contrasting red that I have been saving. Before having a go at it, I watched a whole heap of YouTube clips of miniguns firing at night and at various stages of overheating. You may not know it, but there has been some conjecture about the best way to paint heat effects on weapons as such as these, with most painters putting the hottest parts in the wrong place. This article on Tibbs Forge is an excellent source in that regard.  I focused primarily on the following photograph when painting the effect:

You can see that the coolest metal is towards the end of the barrels and the hottest part towards the heat source. I tried to reflect this in my paint job, with the added complication of the varying thicknesses of the barrel housing in the Avenger model. So, the closer to the actual barrel (deeper), the hotter I painted it. There is one section that I assumed would be naked barrel, which I painted the brightest of all.

I also noticed in all of the pictures and YouTube clips that the red glow was a touch pastel in appearance. I added a touch of purple into my reds to try and match this. I also used a mixture of purple and red brown on the coolest ends of the overheating barrels, with I highlighted by brushing actual Leadblechers.

In comparison, the Reaper Chaisword was far simpler to paint. I added some extra weathering and scratches into the sword blade, which I assume would take an awful battering in combat situations.

Tomorrow I will be adding a very small amount of weathering to the decals on the legs, adding some static grass to the base and painting a Bandy-bandy snake ;-)

...then I am doing the final assembly and calling him To-Done!

See you across the table,


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