Friday, 19 January 2018

A Knight's Tale: Perseus Intrepidus TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

Today I added the finishing touches to the Imperial Knight Warden Perseus Intrepidus. For those of you who would like to know, the final touch was a minute wash of sepia around the left rivet about the eyes, which had somehow stoically avoided being washed all this time! I also repainted the plasma-blaster, which had been bugging me a bit.

Sooo many rivets...

There isn't too much more I can say about the painting of this model, that hasn't already been said in other posts. It is by far my greatest accomplishment in this hobby, and I have been at this game for a while now. Still, Perseus wouldn't exist, at least not in this guise, but for a very specific set of circumstances and folks in the 40K community. Some of you may know part of the story, but probably not all of it. If you are not into stories, feel free to skip and just look at the pictures; I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

I added more weathering to the Reaper Chainsword.

The Medusa has five snakes, one for each plasma weapon.

My first exposure to the 40K universe was playing Epic 40K with a friend in 6th grade. I say the word friend loosely; I was really just a person for him to win games against, using the models his stepfather bought for him. I learned later that the army lists he wrote for me were always less points than his, sometimes by 50%. I distinctly remember using an Imperial Knight Castellan that punched way above its weight in our games. I resolved to get myself one, if I could ever afford it.

The Hellfire Plasma Cannonade.

I painted the inside of the exhaust, which was looking decidedly sprue-grey in the last photographs.

When the Imperial Knights and Wardens were released by GW I realised the time had probably come, on an even larger scale than I ever thought possible. Of course the Crusader variant was the closest to the Castellan of my boyhood memories, so I gravitated towards it. I was going to get myself one for Christmas a few years ago, when my dog Gypsy started getting sick. The surgery she required wiped us out financially, but I gave up the chance of owning a Knight gladly if it meant keeping my little shadow.

The following year Dave Weston (thankyou thankyou thankyou) from Confessions of a 40K Addict ran a terrain building competition. The prize was, of course, an Imperial Knight Warden. I love participating in community events like these, so I thought I would give it a go and be a part of it all. I didn't really have any hopes of winning, but if I did, well...

My Dawn of War Thermoplasma Generator did win the competition, despite some incredible entries by other members of the community. I was so excited when I received the prize, but also pretty nervous. I felt very much responsible for doing a good job with it, in honour of the other contestants. I opened up to the community about the project and got some great ideas from people. Thanks especially go to +squareoaky stewart for his ideas about House Feardrakken, which gave me the inspiration for the paint scheme. Other inspiration came from my simple, obsessive, love of plasma weapons! One of my last acts was painting the snake on the base as a Bandy-bandy, as suggested by my mate over the ditch, +D Power.

So, there you have it. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at this Knight, every painting technique I know and idea I could think of. Some... didn't turn out so well, but I'm glad I gave them a go. Thanks to everyone who spurred me on and provided critical feedback during the process, it was greatly appreciated. Thanks again to +Dave Weston  for gifting me this incredible model; it was an epic journey and looking at it now on the shelf brings it all back again. Hopefully, it will take some heads on the table top as well, perhaps whilst defending a Thermoplasma Generator ;-)

See you across the table,


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