Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Squaduary: Construction Progress Part 2

Hi folks,

February is rolling on and I am still falling behind in my Squaduary pledge. I'm no too worried though, I always knew that the construction of these guys was going to take the lion's share of the time. I have managed to completely assemble two new Centurions and drill all of the barrels. With a hurricane bolter and assault cannon each, that equals 12 barrels per new Centurion. I have never been great at drilling barrels out, but after the first 24 I was getting pretty good. I still managed to stuff up quite a few of them, but I still figure that a crooked hole is better than none at all. Let's just say my painting may be above tabletop level, but my drilling isn't :-)

Sooo many barrels...

Not too bad. Still needs improvement though.

I have decided to mix and match the rest of the arms, which can be a problem with this kit if you don't keep all of the bits together. Poseability is a real issue with this kit and I am trying my best to make each Centurion look like an individual. The first new Centurion also has a Primaris head for good luck.

I like the way the second guy looks for some reason. I'm looking forward to painting his ugly mug.

It takes me about 1 hour to build the arms for each Centurion, with one pair to go. That means I should be free to start painting them on the weekend. That gives me about two weeks to paint them, so I am going to have to find some extra time. The new doggo may have to miss out on a few walks*.

See you across the table,


*[sigh] Yeah, OK. Let's go for a walk.

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