Friday, 15 June 2018

Grey Knights: TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

With the bases painted I was able to get the Grey Knights finished pretty quickly. Posing them was a bit of challenge, due to the raised detail on the bases, but I think I have done them justice.

 First up we have a champion with Nemesis falchions. I love this guy; rocking two swords for close-in work when everyone else is poking around with halberds is gutsy.

Next up, a relic bearer armed with a Nemesis force halberd. This guy reminds me more of the Grey Knights I used to use in 2nd Ed. They smashed face back in those days as well.

To mix things up a bit The Trooper also equipped one with a Daemon hammer; or "comedy mallet" as I like to call them. For some reason I am reminded of an Imperial Guard home-brew character that was armed with a thunderhammer. When he used it, he would fly 2d6 inches backwards!

Next we have two heavy weapons terminators. I am pretty sure only one can be taken in a squad of five, but these guys are more for show and friendly games anyway. I love the streaming purity seals on the Psilencer terminator's halberd.

Last, but most definitely the most satisfying to paint, Grand Master Voldus. I had to trim the stone from the end of his hammer, which caused part of it to snap off. Gluing it back on in the last minutes of the project was nerve wracking! With the stone gone, though, I was free to pose him stepping down from the raised surface on the base, which tied everything together really nicely, I think. I am pretty sure I only painted half of the available detail; this figure is just mental. It would take another month for me to do it all maximum justice and I have already held on to these guys long enough!

Project complete! These guys are heading over to The Trooper's collection and will no doubt be fielded against me some time soon.

I still haven't made a new light box yet, these photos were taken with the Frankenstein apparatus pictured below. I am hoping that during the weekend I can re-purpose one of the boxes, which we used for moving, to make a new light box that I can keep set up permanently in the garage.

As these Grey Knights are the last models I have to paint for my mates, I can start really focusing on my own stuff for the first time in a long time. I have quite a few projects on the verge of completion that are burning a hole in my creative pocket, so to speak. High on the list is a bunch of models I need to complete two army lists that I want to start playing with. Keep an eye out for them over the next couple of weeks!

See you across the table,


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