Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Big Move: Part 1

Hi folks,

About 3 weeks ago my family moved to our new home down the river. Thankfully, everything has gone pretty smoothly and wifey and I have started putting together a games room. It is quickly becoming the busiest room in the house! We have ordered some display cases for miniatures but they will take a while to arrive. My paint table overlooks bushland and is ridiculously relaxing to sit at, as long as no bushfires are around. One last month came to within 80 m of the backyard.

I haven't been the head right headspace for painting for a while, but the past couple of nights I have been trying to get The Troopers Grey Knight terminators moving forwards. I don't have a lightbox set up yet, but here are some shots from my phone.

I have only wet blended the blue on one side of the halberd, to reinforce that they are single edged weapons. I'll do both sides on the swords.

Hopefully during the week I'll get some more work done on the games room. We also need to get our internet connection up and running. Blogging using my phone is killing me :-)

See you across the table,


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