Thursday, 6 June 2019

Dark Angels Reiver Sergeant: Last of the Plains People

Hi folks,

To round out a Dark Angels Kill Team, I decided to add a Reiver Sergeant combat specialist. I have picked up a couple of issues of Conquest, with the aim of converting some Primaris figures for various projects. With a Riever model to spare and 17 points left to spend on my team, a Reiver Sergeant seemed like an obvious choice.

In the conversion, I have tried to channel a Last of the Mohicans vibe, whilst adding some elements that will add the cohesiveness of the team, colour scheme-wise. The head with the short mohawk is from the Centurion kit, which I am sure Magua would approve...

Instead of a combat knife I have used a Corvus Hammer, because it reminds me of the gunstock war club used by Chingachgook in the film. It is such a bizarre and brutal weapon, I remember trying to find out more about it when I was a kid and being able to find nothing. Of course these days, with the interwebs, you can find out about anything. For example, I found a Canadian martial art that trains with replica gunstock war clubs.

The two-headed eagle... wellllll... that's a little more Pocahontas than Last of the Mohicans. That piece has been burning a hole in my bitz box for years and I am so glad I finally found an excuse to use it. If you have played Kill Team, you will know that such a detail is pretty impractical on a Close Combat specialist. Anything that sticks up so tall is just begging to draw down fire; it'll be hard to stay out of sight with it. Damned if I wasn't going to use it though!

The shoulder pad and rolled up cloak on the backpack will hopefully tie this guy in more closely to the scouts in the team, as well as the veteran sergeant (who has brown robes). All of that webbing will also help in that respect. Colour scheme-wise, I will be aiming for something between my Dark Angels scouts and my Devastators, which make up the rest of the team. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a quick paint-job this weekend; a nice break before I try to finish off my Iron Snakes army.

See you across the table,



  1. Great work! I love that you go for a good conversion or practicality on the tabletop, the ultimate rule of cool.

  2. Sweet. Great conversion!

    1. Cheers :-) Now I need to learn how to paint an eagle...