Sunday, 6 October 2019

DreadTober: Getting Started (Kinda...)

Hi folks,

Last year for DreadTober I set myself a challenging goal of completing an Imperial Knight Errant during the month of October. As it turned out, it took me the greater part for the month just constructing the thing! After a week of furious painting, I got up to this stage, which I was fairly pleased with:

Last year's efforts

I repainted the lining on the shield to make it a little straighter

 That leaves me with the chest plate, legs and arms still to paint, as well as a scenic base. As with the first of my knights, I am going to feature some simple freehand designs on both of the shoulder pads, which is sure to take up some extra time.

A previously finished Knight; this is what I am aiming for!

Of course, the first step is to prime and undercoat. To do that I use black spray to prime, followed by a Leadbelchers spray, taping off the areas that I want to keep black (or turn white!).

The priming stick

Lead has been belched

Next stage will be layering on the chest plate and lots of washes on the leg pieces (with some blue armoured sections).

That's it for my first week of progress; not much but it's a start!

See you across the table,



  1. So Marc, this year is a second Knight right? The completed Knight photo confused me! I thought wow, he's already finished this year's pledge and its only week 1!

    1. Yes mate, I am working of a second (half-finished) one now. I added some captions to the post to make it a little clearer; I definitely do not work that fast!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :-) I had to do a quick paint run to my local GW; my bronze paint had separated very badly during the intervening 12 months. Australian summers are brutal on paints, no matter how you store and thin them.

  3. Looking good... and big. Good luck with that!