Thursday, 31 October 2019

DreadTober: "Theseus" Ferrum Fortis TO-DONE!!!

Hi folks,

For DreadTober this year I resolved to finish last years unfinished pledge, an Imperial Knight Errant I have named "Theseus" Ferrum Fortis. Ferrum Fortis is Latin for "a strong punch".  Last year I managed to get the torso done, so my time has been spent working on the legs armour pieces, weapons, shoulder armour and base. As with "Perseus" Intrepidus my Imperial Knight Warden , I have added a free-hand symbol on the left shoulder as a unique identifying mark. In this case, it is a minotaur, which Theseus kills in Greek mythology.

Theseus is armed with a thermal cannon; mainly because I think they look cool and wanted him to look like a little Reaver titan!

The shoulder skull and laurel were hastily painted free-hand after I tried to put a decal on there and decided it looked rubbish. This is the same symbol that I painted on Perseus, tying them together nicely.

His left side houses a thunderstrike gauntlet, because picking up Rhino troop carriers and throwing them across the battlefield is great fun. Who doesn't like a gigantic powerfist anyway?!

A stormspear rocket pod and meltagun round out the weapons load, adding some extra high strength anti-armour firepower.

I kept the base simpler this time; not water effects. To make up for this I added a few pieces of slate to break things up a bit, used plenty of laser cut ferns, and sculpted a little snake of green stuff. I modeled it rearing up to bite the knights ankle, as I'm pretty sure having a knight step over a snake would trigger it. I was in a tour bus driving past a snake on Fraser Island, up north in Australia, and it struck out against the tires! I have painted it as a Bandy-bandy snake, to honour a friend over the ditch.

For a bit of fun, I also painted up this Lords of Hellas minotaur as an objective marker. Joel gave it to me out of the blue ages ago, believing that he would never find a use for it. Well, I found a use for it champ.

So, there you have it, another knight for the cabinet (where, I note, there appears to be room for one more...).

See you across the table,



  1. You can get another four on that shelf! Great looking Knight mate, glad you progressed and finally got him finished, and yes the Thunderstrike Gauntlet is mega fun when you roll well and get to throw tanks!

  2. Congratulations on the completion! He looks great - love all the little details.

    1. Thanks mate :-) It's amazing how important the little things are on a big model like this. Drove me a bit crazy though.

  3. It's awesome, I love some of the decal work as well (despite it being abandoned on the shoulder pad) I particularly like the three cogs on his shin guard. I wonder if the empty space is just a little bigger than that allocated to your existing 2 Knights...

    1. The decal work was pretty wild, they have to fit into some very tight spaces and you only really get one chance. There is still some softening and razoring I could do to finish them off, but meh. Bigger, you say?! What would you suggest...?