Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ravenwing Sergeant Progress

Hi folks,

The past couple of nights I have been working on my Ravenwing Sergeant. The model has a lot more detail and conversion work compared to the remaining four bikers, so he is taking a bit longer than I thought he would. So far I have painted the metallics, headlight, robes and feathers, though I think perhaps that the feathers need one more highlight.

I have only added carbon scoring to one side of the exhaust so far, as each glaze was taking a while to dry. I am very happy with the brown robes, having experimented on the Van Diemen's World Commissar I finished not long ago. This colour scheme is the reverse of my other Dark Angels Sergeants, which I think ties the two elements of the army together in a neat way.

I painted the OSL from the headlight to match the other bikes, though I still have to touch up the red light on the metallic parts; the reflection size there does not match what is on the black armour yet.

Next up I'll finish off the exhaust, tighten up the OSL and add some highlights to the black armour. That will be followed by the arms, which will include a thunder hammer, a base and a novelty objective marker; Chaos space marine helmet polo anyone?

See you across the table,


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