Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ravenwing: Veteran Sergeant TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

One down, four to go! This guy took a little longer than I was expecting due to the conversion work on the thunder hammer and combi-weapon, as well as the added detail on the robes and face. As usual, I made the job even longer by adding a little novelty objective marker, because who doesn't want to play polo with a Black Legion helmet and a thunder hammer.

The thunder hammer was converted from a veteran Dark Angels power maul, with a simple head swap. Some poor terminator is going to have to do without. I thought about painting a glow effect on the thunder hammer but went with the simple option.

As with the other bikes, the feathers on the back are a blend from Caliban Green to Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet for the young folk). I have refrained from putting any of the feathery bling on the front of my Ravenwing bikes so far, as I am saving that to make the Black Knights look even more unique.

Like the other bikers, the sergeant's bike has a couple of low calibre bullet holes in it... nothing that would worry a Space Marine, I'm sure ;-)

After converting the thunder hammer I couldn't stop thinking about how much it looked like a polo mallet (or whatever they call it). To give the sergeant something to hit I pilfered a Chaos Marine helmet from the Dark Vengeance kit. The base is an old one from Scibor miniatures with a nice textured ruins finish. I like the way the design in the ruins channeled towards the lower part of the base, so I ran some Tamiya Clear Red down: the only good Black Legionnaire is a dead Legionnaire.

The next step with this squad will be to batch paint the four remaining bikes, as the marines themselves are already finished. Two of them will be equipped with old school grav guns, which I am excruciating over at the moment. I have a colour in mind for every kind of weapon glow except grav weapons! Maybe it's time to give purple a try...

See you across the table,


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