Thursday, 29 December 2016

Iron Snakes: Centurion Sergeant Build Complete

Hi folks,

To recover from all the detail painting I did in the lead up to Christmas, I have been converting my Iron Snakes Centurions: Squad Aegis. It would have been very easy to arm them all with Grav cannons and be done with it, that's what the internet would have me do. Instead, I have decided to mirror the wargear of the Sternguard, by giving them combi-weapons of a sought. Two will be equipped with heavy plasma cannons and heavy bolters to match the combi-plasmas of the Sternguard. I know asymmetrical heavy weapons choices aren't in the Codex, but I stopped paying attention to the Codex a few editions ago. At the moment it is all about the "rule of cool". So plasma cannons are in! Storm shields too, apparently:

The storm shields are from a modeller who has just started a small business 3D printing custom shield designs. Rob over at 30Kplus40K showcased Mario's custom shields on his blog a while ago and kindly got in touch with him for me. After some messages on Facebook and design changes, Mario printed these fat babies for me. I'm looking forward to painting a prototype and sending him a photo.  The resolution on the shields is quite good, though you can still see some graininess. It will be interesting to see how much that effects the finish when it is painted.

Kryto, the sergeant, is armed with a sword that you may recognise. I ummmed and ahhhhed about sawing the two blades apart to removed the center piece, but I figured I could paint some neat lightning effects in there between the blades.

The next step will be a coat of Leadbelchers spray, which will probably have to wait until the weekend. It was 41 degrees Celsius today (105 degrees Fahrenheit) and we are heading for 37 degrees tomorrow: not good weather for undercoating miniatures!

See you across the table,


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