Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Man Cave Blues

Hi folks,

I am just about to finish up teaching for the year and the last couple of weeks have been outrageously busy. On top of kid's Birthdays and Christmas shenanigans, I have also been busy putting together a job application, which has eaten the lion's share of my time. As a result, my man cave is starting to look more like a dumping place of all that is inconvenient!

Can you spot two super-heavy vehicles, three polystyrene glue bottle and a Ravenwing flyer in this photo?

I took the picture above about two weeks ago, when I first thought about this post. Since then, things have deteriorated even more significantly. It is seriously time for an intervention. Maintaining a relatively neat hobby space is vital to my ability to complete projects. I find that if I can't sit down and start working on something within a few minutes, I will end up getting roped into something else far less interesting!

Can you spot the unused wads of green-stuff (SHAME!), Sammael + Jetbike, Tamiya Clear Red bottle and lucky xenomorphs?

Above is my main workstation, where I would usually paint. There are an awful lot of projects waiting to be finished on this table. It's not exactly functional at the moment and needs a good cull. At the moment, it is simply easier to carry my paints away to the kitchen table and work there, which defeats the purpose of having a man cave!

Can you spot the emu feathers, thermoplasma generator, lucky hobby knife, MtG cards and swear jar?

I have been keen to re-organise my display shelves (above) for a while now, there is a lot of To-Do stuff there that needs to be replaced with To-Done stuff. I am also knee-deep in books, which is the problem when you start using book shelves to display miniatures, or just junk, really (below).

Can you spot the Metallica guitar tabs book, Tyranid Harpy/Hive Crone, empty superglue packaging (SHAME!) and Goblin Green paint pot (circa 1997)? You may even spot Secret Project X from my 2016/17 To-Do list...

So, here is my confession: my man cave needs to be cleaned up. I have let it fall into shadow and, as a result, not much is getting done. It's high time I did something about that, before my Christmas painting projects for friends turn into Easter painting projects...

See you across the (junk strewn) table,


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