Saturday, 3 December 2016

Joe Dever: In Memorium

Hi folks :-(

It is with a tremendously heavy heart that I report the passing away of Joe Dever. He was best known for his Lone Wolf series of adventure novels, which provided young people with easy access to the world of role-playing and mythology building.

Such was the impact of these books on my life, that my third ever Old School Gaming post was about Lone Wolf (the first two were rubbish anyway). The Darke Crusade was the first fantasy novel I ever owned and, it would be no exaggeration to say, Lone Wolf has shaped my interests and hobby pursuits ever since. I even took one book to my first day of high school; it was something like a security blanket. Another kid noticed and said he was into Lone Wolf and Greyhawk too. That kid has been my best friend for 23 years now and I would run through a burning house for him (and no, that's not a challenge, Goomba). There would be no Old School Gaming without Joe Dever.

Mr Dever was still working on three new Lone Wolf novels around the time of his death. The family has assured fans that they will use his notes to complete the books. It will be bittersweet to play through those last adventures.

Thanks for all of the adventures Joe, your legacy is great and I pray you are resting in peace.


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