Sunday, 11 September 2016

Infinity: USAriadna Army Pack Unboxing

...because I don't have enough things to paint LOL

Hi folks,

Last Tuesday, when I met up with the guys for a game of Aliens vs Predator, Sgt Waz surprised me with this pack of awesome sauce. He has recently been getting into Infinity and is doing a good job of easing the rest of us into it as well. The challenge with picking up a new game like this is making sure you have people to play against; Sgt Waz has that covered pretty well.

The pack contains 8 miniatures, which is enough to play a small game, a bunch of tokens, 3d20, quick start rules and a bunch of card buildings with a playing mat. That's a substantial kick-start!

If you aren't familiar with the game, Infinity miniatures are wonderfully detailed but a little smaller than what I am used to. So I'm feeling excitement mixed with a healthy dose of nervousness as I get ready to paint them. It doesn't help that the guys who paint for Corvus Belli are outrageously good.

The Ariadna faction encompasses a few different futuristic takes on some contemporary nationalities, including Scottish, French, Russian and American troops. The US contingent includes Rangers, Special Forces, Werewolf type things, some vaguely Chuck Norris guys and a bit of Clint Eastwood. Did I mention pretty girls on bikes?

I spent a bit of time yesterday putting the card buildings together, they were very easy and required no glue or cutting. Simple but effective.

So, I am adding these guys to the To-Do list under the "Paint My Present" category. I want to knock them over fairly quick so that I can start playing!

See you across the table,


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