Friday, 30 September 2016

Iron Snakes: Master of the Forge Progress Part 3

Hi folks,

Decisions, decisions. Odyssean's shield has a lot of fiddly detail on it, which made it hard to maintain a limited pallet. The other shields that I have done were all quite plain, so it was simple to just spray them white and free-hand the animal designs in blue. With this shield, the space that I needed to paint white was actually the Imperial Eagle, with the addition of a Lambda symbol! I needed that Eagle to have depth but also be quite clean white to contrast with the blue; two conflicting effects. As such I undercoated it white, added a heavy Nuln Oil wash, then highlighted with white glazes, which took an age to complete.

The lambda symbol was an obvious candidate for the Warplock Bronze/verdigris scheme, which left the Imperial Laurel hanging, paint scheme wise. Usually I would like to paint it bronze with weathering, but I figured that would be too much. To contrast with the dark of the bronze I used Gehenna's Gold instead. To match the other shields in my Iron Snakes collection I painted the skull Enchanted Blue, then tied it all together with a Leadbelchers rim. Ironically, this side of the shield is the one you cannot see from the front, so I would have to spend considerable time on the underside of the shield. I free-handed a Leadbelchers rim in, then painted the handle gold with Runefang Steel wiring. I then added some blue OSL to represent the energised state of the shield; it be stormin'.

With the shield arm done I only have the servo-harness to do. I'll be taking that job one arm at a time, as each has its own important details that are deserving of time.

See you across the table,


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